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Episode 21: “Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here?” How the Assessment Measures Role Awareness - Part 5/6 in Our Dimensional Balance Series

This is the fifth episode in a six-part series walking you through the personal skills assessment. In this series, we’re joined by Senior Director of Sales Effectiveness and coaching guru, Tony Smith.

Role Awareness is the clarity and focus a person has around the different roles in their life—both personal and professional. On the job, it’s a critical component to engagement and productivity.

Understanding how your people score in terms of Role Awareness helps you determine if they are in fact a good fit for the job, and whether the expectations of the role have been communicated clearly.

Join Drea and Tony to learn to use the Role Awareness dimension to ensure that each of your team members are feeling fulfilled and motivated to bring the full weight of their talents, skills, and abilities to the job every day.


  • How high and low Role Awareness scores with negative and positive biases play out in real life
  • Which score combinations indicate that it’s time for a crucial conversation
  • How to ensure there are no gaps in a person’s understanding of their role on the job
  • Why this dimension is highly variable and “easy to fix”

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