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Episode 22: Using the Assessment to Align Employees’ Self Direction with the Company Vision - Part 6/6 in Our Dimensional Balance Series

This is the sixth and final episode in a six-part series walking you through the personal skills assessment. In this series, we’re joined by Senior Director of Sales Effectiveness and coaching guru, Tony Smith.

Self Direction measures a person’s clarity and focus on who and what they want to become in the future. The score can reveal a lot about a candidate or employee’s day-to-day attitude, and how likely they are to perform at high levels for the long-term with your organization.

Join Drea and Tony to learn to use the Self Direction dimension to be sure the people you bring onto your team have a vision for themselves that aligns with the vision for your company.

Tune in as We Discuss:

  • How high and low Self Direction scores with negative and positive biases play out in real life
  • The pros and cons that can result from high scores, and what to watch out for
  • How to avoid hiring someone who views the position at your company as a stopgap on their way to something else
  • What a person’s score reveals about their career-pathing needs

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