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Episode 20: Spotting Coachability and Self-Awareness in Your Candidates Using the Assessment - Part 4/6 in Our Dimensional Balance Series

This is the fourth episode in a six-part series walking you through the personal skills assessment. In this series, we’re joined by Senior Director of Sales Effectiveness and coaching guru, Tony Smith.

Self-confidence is the “secret sauce” of selling and leadership—do your candidates have it? Join Drea and Tony to learn to use the Sense of Self dimension to predict how self-aware your candidates are.

Understanding where a person lies on the self-awareness spectrum clues you into how “coachable” they will be—a key factor to consider when bringing new people onto your team. The scores also reveal how capable someone is at controlling their emotions, operating under pressure, and understanding their own boundaries.

Tune in As We Discuss:

  • How high and low Sense of Self scores with negative and positive biases play out in real life
  • Which score combinations indicate that a person will be open to coaching and feedback
  • The surprising way that too much self-confidence and too little can result in similar behaviors
  • How to adapt coaching styles according to a person’s score in this dimension

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