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Episode 19: Predict Whether Your Candidates will Use Common Sense on the Job with the Systems Judgement Dimension - Part 3/6 in Our Dimensional Balance Series

This is the third episode in a six-part series walking you through the personal skills assessment. In this series, we’re joined by Senior Director of Sales Effectiveness and coaching guru, Tony Smith.

Using common sense is one of the most elusive skills we measure with the assessment and is associated with clearly seeing the bigger picture. If you've ever found yourself asking what were you thinking?! when employees make poor decisions without taking important variables into consideration, they may have low mental clarity in Systems Judgement.

Join Drea and Tony to learn how to use the Systems Judgement dimension to predict how skilled a person is at seeing the big picture, spotting inefficiencies, and optimizing processes and procedures.

Tune in as we discuss:

  • The pros and cons of high and low scores, and how they can play out inside of an organization
  • Training and development tips to increase clarity in the Systems Judgement dimension to help people take a step back and think strategically
  • Interview strategies to use when a candidate scores low in this dimension to predict how it will affect their performance on the job

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