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Episode 15: How the Global Leader in Optical Lenses Uses the Assessment to Hire for Fit

In this episode, we’re joined by George Gonzalez, Sr. HR Business Partner at Essilor.

As the global leader in optical lenses, Essilor must hire and maintain a large sales force capable of working with eye care professionals and navigating the ever-changing landscape of managed care.

The organization incorporates TriMetrix® into their recruitment process to ensure that they get the right people in the right places.

Tune in as we discuss:

  • How Essilor works to ensure the time, energy, and resources invested in the recruitment process result in bringing the right person into the organization
  • Why George recommends “interviewing for experience and hiring for fit” and what that looks like for Essilor
  • How the assessment helps District Managers coach on behaviors to improve sales performance
  • Why Essilor chooses TriMetrix over other hiring assessments on the market

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